Friday, March 3, 2023

Ventura County neighborhood gets tough on crime

Morrison Ranch Estates residents in Agoura Hills are taking action to combat a recent crime wave that has affected the community. 

A cul-de-sac summit on Meadowmist Way was organized by resident Shelley MacEwen to address safety concerns, such as protecting people and property, Los Angeles County Sheriff response procedures, and the use of license plate readers to thwart crime. 

Morrison Ranch has seen a dozen burglaries over the past few months, prompting the community to launch a more aggressive neighborhood patrol system. The homeowners' association has been criticized for a tepid response to residents' safety concerns, such as the installation of automatic license plate readers. 

The community is taking matters into its own hands by organizing a volunteer policing group and private security, and plans to install its own ALPR cameras. 

However, some have raised concerns about privacy. Residents have also been advised to install alarms and exterior cameras in their homes. Source: The Acorn

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