Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Rep. Adam Schiff makes Senate campaign stop in Santa Barbara

Congressmember Adam Schiff, campaigning for the US Senate in Santa Barbara, discussed his three focal issues, which included “dangers to our democracy,” the US economy, and the environment. 

He also addressed the January 6 Capitol riot, Trump’s presidency, and his time on the January 6 committee. Schiff criticized Fox News for being a big propagator of the Big Lie and spoke of his conversation with someone who served on a board with Rupert Murdoch about Tucker Carlson’s support of Russia, and said that attacking Fox required boycotting them. 

Schiff also criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to authorize Tucker Carlson’s staff to view the January 6 Capitol surveillance footage, expressing concern about Capitol Police and member safety.

Additional points: 
  • County Supervisor Das Williams urged Schiff to fight climate change, and called out other regional representatives in attendance at the event.

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