Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Off-road enthusiasts score a legal victory in Oceano

Friends of the Oceano Dunes has won a legal victory against the California Coastal Commission in a quiet title lawsuit. 

The lawsuit argues that off-road vehicle enthusiasts have the right to continue driving and camping on portions of the Oceano Dunes because they have been recreating there for more than five years without objection or permission. 

The Coastal Commission argued that other historical uses of the dunes were more prevalent, but a judge rejected all of the state's arguments and set the case for trial in October 2023. 

Friends of the Oceano Dunes has filed four lawsuits to overturn the commission's decision to phase out off-road vehicle usage at the Oceano Dunes over the next three years and to ban nighttime vehicle riding at the Oceano Dunes. 

The nonprofit represents around 28,000 supporters of off-road recreation and plans to continue pursuing legal remedies to protect beach driving, camping, and off-highway vehicle recreation at the Oceano Dunes.

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